Former Google Employee (Search Quality)

SEM - Sr. SEO Consultant
October 2015 – Present Istanbul, Turkey
• Providing tailored made organic growth strategies for clients. • Collaborating with Performance and Data Analysis teams to create a synergy between organic and paid strategies based on analytical data. • Coordinating, training and mentoring 10 team members. Coaching 2 team leads. • Conducting on­page, off­page, technical, content­ related, mobile, industry and competitor analyses in detail for each client multiple times using 15+ complex tools.
Google - Sr. Product Quality Analyst
August 2010 – March 2015 Dublin, Ireland • Participating in the global policy initiative to enforce consistency, by cooperating with the WebSpam engineering team in Mountain View (US) office. • Telling meaningful stories with big data : analyzing sets of data on BigTable(s) to help train the search algorithms. • Collaborating with Webmaster Trend Analyst team in Zurich office to identify areas of development for Search Console product and to comprehend the general experience of webmasters in global projection. • Mentoring and coaching Google employees: 3 new starters, 2 senior peers. • Earned 7 Excellence Awards by peers. • Identifying and taking action on web spam occurrences in the global Google Index: Completely automated a manual process to tackle a part of the specific type of spam; Thin Content. • Publicly speaking at Google events, site clinics, industry conferences and trainings on behalf of Google. • Helping Turkish webmasters as an official Webmaster Relations Community Manager: Collaborating with two popular 3rd party forums w/100K+ daily pageviews. Sent 100K+ notifications to webmasters and processed 8K+ reconsideration requests from WMs. • Authoring on behalf of Google, including publications on official Google blogs and several social media channels.
Google - Search Quality Associate
• My mission is to make Turkish information on web more useful by defending the integrity of Google search, mainly focusing on investigating and preventing webspam. • Eliminating spammy websites from EMEA Indexes. • Preserving the sanctity of the overall search experience by preventing WMs from using bad tactics to rank higher. • Relaying the appropriate information and key updates to our WMs.